Lent Study weekend at St George’s

Listening for Life: Essential Skills for a Healthier World

St George´s Anglican Church, Preussenallee 17, 14052 Berlin

Friday 2nd March 2012 7pm to Sat 3rd March 2012 7.30pm

At least once in every person’s life there is a need to tell our story and know that we have been heard.

In “Listening for Life” we will explore what it is to be a Listening Person in our everyday lives, offering training in listening attitudes and skills...

It is a four session course, each building on the one before:

  • "Catching a Vision for Listening",
  • "Growing a Heart for Listening",
  • "Deepening Compassion for Listening" and
  • "Walking the Way of Listening".

In each session we will be learning and practising three dimensions of Listening:

  • Listening to Others
  • Listening to Ourselves
  • and Listening to God

The course will include teaching, discussion times and opportunities to practise Listening. You will be invited to share from your own personal experience as you choose.

Course details

This course is led by Members of the Christian Listener Team of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation in the UK

  • Cost: €45 (incl work book and light lunch on the Sat)
  • Limited number of places. Please book by noon on 2 February 2011 to

What is Christian Listening?

We all hear but do we listen? Christian Listening is about listening to others, to ourselves and to God. Learning to listen well offers us the opportunity to improve relationships, grow as human beings and deepen our spirituality. Listening is possibly the greatest gift you can give to another and it is life changing.

Providing a safe place for someone to come as they are and tell their story.

Our world is a noisy place. In our daily lives, we’re probably pretty good at dishing out advice, maybe giving a quick fix to friends in need, nodding sympathetically when we’re really thinking about what’s next on the “to-do” list, just so that we can feel we’ve done our bit and move on - probably to the next friend that needs a friendly ear. Exhausting, isn’t it?

So, we can all probably say that we hear, but, do we really listen? There is a big difference. Christian Listening gives you the tools to listen to others, to ourselves and to God.

Listening is a ministry that’s within – one that everyone can do. It transforms chance conversations into something different.

What’s the point?

In beginning to understand more about Christian Listening, we can improve relationships, grow as human beings and deepen our spirituality. This really is life changing stuff! Being taught how to listen can bring empowerment, clarity, self-esteem and promotes healthy lives and relationships. Christian listening also opens the doors (and our ears!) to show us the variety of ways that we can listen to God.

What’s in it for me?

Ever had one of those times where you’re just desperate to share something which is on your heart, but whoever you’re sharing it with just isn’t listening to you. How did that make you feel? What if that same person came alongside you, offered you space, security, was reflective and respected you for what you were giving them the privilege to hear? That’s what Christian Listening can teach you.

Christian Listening isn’t designed to sort people out, it’s designed to:

  • Help people to get out what’s locked in
  • Help people to move forward
  • Help them identify feelings
  • Affirm people by reflecting back in their own words

I needed someone to talk to, to clarify my thinking and to talk about my insecurities and feelings. Also feelings of unsureness from previous counselling…also support while weaning off antidepressants. I would recommend it to others.

Listening for Life

Friday 2nd March 2012 7pm to Sat 3rd March 2012 7.30pm

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